Employment status:

Do you like to cook?

Have you ever cooked for more than 20 people?

Have you ever planted wheat?

Are you celiac?

Do you like art, architecture?

Do you think you can live without bread?

If you were wheat, what would you be?

Do you know how to write wheat in Latin?

Are you hungry?

Are you a communist?

Are you a fascist?

Do you grow virtual wheat?

Have you seen UFOs?

Do you waste food?

What are you doing with the bread that you have left?

What do you think happens when someone pulls the bread?

Is there any flower that has tamed you?

What stage of your life you are?

What would you throw at a politician who has disappointed you?

Do you like eating wheat bread?

Can you imagine your daily diet without bread?

When do you eat bread?

Do you want to confirm your knowledge or learn new things?

What would you say to wheat?

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Collective Feeding


A collaborative workshop to create, self-publish and disseminate a publication about wheat at Harinera ZGZ. Our work started on February 9, 2018. Since then, the 15 participants have constructed a visual imagery about this cereal and its full cycle: seed, crop, harvesting, processing and preparation for consumption.

Welcome to our self-publishing application. Please answer the questions and download your unique and customised publication.

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